Our flexAI - flexible Audio Infrastructure is combining the concepts of a reliable hardware basis for real-time operation and the flexibility of software defined applications to a whole new concept of audio processing.

All flexAI based applications can run on the AIXpressor and Jünger Audio’s range of flexAIserver audio processing servers - or even on a spanned array of multiple units. The hardware backs out from being the defining aspect of our portfolio.

With flexAI you decide for a system that suits your needs and offering a solution to your specific demands. Your decision for the actual processing device and its interfacing can be made almost independently.

Decide for a solution, not just a machine.


Immersive Audio

With our Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring system – MMA – we are presenting our pioneering solution for immersive audio live production.

  • Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring - MMA MMA HD/UHD
    Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring - MMA
    • Up to 15 audio input channels and 1 metadata track
    • Audio and metadata monitoring; Metadata authoring
    • Loudness monitoring and metering, ITU-R BS.1770-4 compliant
    • Output downmix emulation, Output loudness emulation
    • Output formats from Mono up to 7.1+4H
    • Output downmix emulation, Output loudness emulation
    • Dynamic range control (DRC) emulation
    • Level Magic loudness control
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flexAI Hardware

Jünger Audio’s flexAIserver series of audio servers provides maximum processing power and flexibility where high-channel counts and comprehensive processing is required. flexAIservers can be used with traditional multichannel audio interfaces or with AoIP or standard Ethernet to process real-time, stream based or offline audio data. Running our new audio infrastructure flexAI, the series is ready to power up Jünger Audio’s renowned audio algorithms for the next generation of audio processing.

  • AIXpressor AIXpressor
    • Powerful x86 based processing core
    • On board interfaces: 2x Ethernet, 2x Audio-over-IP, 2x MADI or tieLight with SFP modules, AES3 I/O - switchable between 8x8 or 4x12 channels, Analog I/O - switchable between 8x8 or 4x12 channels, Sync in
    • I/O modularity via 4 interface slots
    • Native AES67 and SMPTE ST2110-30 support
    • 19”, 1RU device, redundant PSU
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  • flexAIserver flexAIserver
    • Powerful x86 based server series
    • Industry proven reliability
    • Three different performance versions
    • AoIP, Ethernet, MADI or tieLight interfaces
    • flexAI audio infrastructure
    • Customized standard operating system
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